Prepaid Debit Cards

According to the level of options provided, debit cards of all international payment systems are divided into several categories especially if your card is bankrate prepaid one.

Electronic, or entry-level cards: Visa Electron; MasterCard Electronic, MasterCard Unembossed, MasterCard Maestro

Electronic cards have a very narrow functionality and can only be used in electronic devices – terminals and ATMs. With their help, it is convenient to make purchases in stores, but significant interest can be withdrawn when cashing out funds. Entry-level cards are not intended for payments on the Internet, but at the bank’s decision, such an opportunity may be provided. The cost of servicing electronic cards is the lowest.

Standard or classic: Visa Classic; Mastercard Standard; American Express Green

The functionality of classic debit cards is broader than entry-level cards. They are accepted in most countries, they can be used to pay for purchases and transfer funds via the Internet. The average annual cost of service is defined in the bank.

Gold bank cards: Visa Gold; MasterCard Gold; American Express Gold

Gold debit cards provide the holder with an increased daily cash withdrawal limit, various insurance programs and other privileges, the list of which depends on the payment system. In addition, banks that issue gold cards also lay in them additional opportunities of different levels. Depending on the options of the card, the service annual cost will be defined in the bank.

Premium segment bank cards: Visa Platinum; MasterCard World, MasterCard Platinum; American Express Platinum

Banks set extended daily and monthly cash withdrawal limits on platinum cards, allocate a special phone line to provide round-the-clock support, attach a personal manager to the holder, provide insurance and many discount programs. The annual service is several hundreds of dollars.

The most prestigious bank cards: Visa Signature, Visa Infinite, Visa Black Card; MasterCard World Black Edition, MasterCard World Elite; American Express Centurion

Elite debit cards for the wealthiest clients are endowed with the highest privileges. The cost of their maintenance reaches several thousand dollars a year.

There are prepaid cards with no monthly fees. You may address any banking insitution to issue a new prepaid card.