Marketing Resources

The Association provides various services to help credit unions get maximum value from their marketing budgets.

Marketing Consultation

Credit union members are encouraged to contact the Marketing and Public Relations Department when they have questions or need marketing resources. The Department will help them to correctly approach the solution of any marketing problem. If you are experiencing a lack of knowledge, I will help you quickly fill it, conduct training on the required topic, answer all questions and analyze your example in detail. Credit union members can ask any questions about marketing, advertising and branding, from market analysis, consumer research to developing a marketing strategy and product promotion plan.

The competence of the Marketing and Public Relations Department includes the solution of the following marketing problems:

Strategic planning and tactical marketing:

  • Development of marketing strategy and positioning of the company
  • Making sales forecasts and justifying sales plans
  • Searching for free market niches and assessing the potential of new sales markets
  • Market analysis, monitoring of competitors’ actions, search for competitive advantages
  • Preparation and implementation of all marketing plan programs within the approved time frame
  • Assortment management and optimization: product turnover and profitability
  • Increase in sales/market share of the company

Work with the consumer:

  • Segmenting the market and defining the target audience
  • Conducting research to study consumer preferences and behavior patterns
  • Working with customer feedback and reviews

Promotion and branding:

  • Creation of new brands and development of corporate identity for the product
  • Formation of a product promotion strategy to the market in order to increase knowledge, consumption and loyalty to the product
  • Formation and management of the advertising budget
  • Development of advertising materials
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of all advertising activities of the brand and the search for new communication channels
  • Management and strengthening of the brand image in the industry

Organizational tasks:

  • Managing and improving the performance of the marketing department
  • Formation of reports on the work of the marketing department
  • Conducting training for the sales staff of the company
  • Participation in negotiations with the company’s resellers
  • Organization and control of brand exhibition activities

Marketer’s Network

The Marketer’s Network is a self-directed informal board of advisers who meet every quarter to cooperate and share information on current marketing issues. The meetings can be attended by every person who is the marketing officer at their credit union or works in their credit union’s marketing department.

Marketing and Business Development Council

Marketing and Business Development Council is the largest state organization for credit union marketers. The Council provides the opportunity for credit union marketers to network all across the USA. Additional advantages include publications, awards programs, and discounts on programs and educational materials. It was originally known as the CUNA Marketing Council.