Tri-County North

The Tri-County North Chapter of Credit Unions is made up of credit unions that are headquartered in communities located in Essex County and parts of Middlesex and Suffolk Counties, Massachusetts.

Officers of the Tri-County North Chapter

, Chapter President
Credit Union

Barbara Frazier, Chapter Vice President
Everett Credit Union
(617) 389-9000

Thomas Hammond, Chapter Treasurer
Align Credit Union
(978) 323-0643

Charlene Bauer, Chapter Secretary
Metro Credit Union
(617) 884-7200

Chapter Directors

Tanya Arruda
Medford Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union

Kathryn Dame
Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union

Patricia Dempsey
Malden Federal Credit Union

Kathleen Donahue
St. Jeans Credit Union

Patricia Tarr
MembersPlus Credit Union

Upcoming Meetings


Tri-County North Chapter Member Credit Unions