The Association offers distance learning options ready for CU members’ busy schedules.

e-Learning is an online meeting or presentation over the Internet in real time.

e-Learning: what is it?

e-Learning is a convenient way to conduct training and conferences, that is, any online meeting for a large number of participants.

The main feature of e-Learning is interactivity, for example, the ability to discuss, send, receive information in real time. During distance learning, you can start polls, invite other participants to the microphone. And the most important thing is to speak with a camera, show a presentation and a screen, and chat.

Key features of e-Learning

In addition to giving lectures to thousands of people, e-Learning has other features:

  • performance by one or more presenters;
  • the ability to download and view presentations and videos;
  • text chat;
  • electronic board;
  • polls and voting;
  • sharing the presenter’s desktop screen;
  • recording of the broadcast for further viewing.

Benefits of e-Learning

During distance is convenient for presenters and participants. Therefore, this format of online learning is becoming more popular every year. e-Learning makes conferences and meetings convenient and efficient. Anyone can participate in online education events without leaving the workplace or at home, on a business trip or vacation. This means that you no longer need to worry about renting a hall, coffee breaks and moving, you can start learning online in a few clicks!

e-Learning is a way to conduct classes, so they are successfully used in education, marketing, sales, corporate training. You can create your own conferences, training courses and seminars on any topic and for any audience.

What do you need for e-Learning?

To learn online, you do not need to install additional programs or special equipment. To start learning, all you need is a computer with Internet access + sometimes a sound card and microphone. Almost all modern computers have everything they need. In addition, no specific technical knowledge is required. If you know how to use search engines or watch videos on YouTube, then you can learn distantly