Training Resources

The Association offers a wide variety of training, certificate, and professional development programs and classes.

Customized Training "Training By Design"

Need a program customized to your needs and delivered on-site?  The Association will help you match your need with a compatible trainer.

CUNA's Center for Professional Development

Unlike other training programs, self-directed training programs do not require travel time or days away from the credit union office. Each person chooses where and when to study, whether in your office; in the privacy of your own home; or in a public library. It simply doesn’t matter. Students can freely choose what topics to study and in what order. And to ensure optimum comprehension, each person learns at his or her own pace.

Each of these programs is offered through CUNA’s Center for Professional Development. Programs are available online or in paper-based modules. View more information about these certificate programs.

Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Schools

CUNA’s Center for Professional Development offers a multitude of educational events providing training for credit unions of any size. Credit unions choose from a variety of educational options which are all taught by nationally recognized experts. Schools and programs are held at convenient locations throughout the year and in places that will intrigue learning. View more information on CUNA’s Training and Events Calendar.