Credit unions are known for the services they provide. But these services are nothing more than ideas conceived and executed by people. Credit unions not only have to identify, hire, and retain good people, they must also institute programs to upgrade skills, improve knowledge, and motivate enhanced performance. Those that do will be poised to flourish in the changing years ahead because their people will be the best. They will demonstrate a brand of loyalty that is vital to long-term success.

The League wants to help you bring out the energies and talents of your people. It is dedicated to providing your credit union with training for every operational area, from front-line staff to executive management to volunteer leadership. It provides training in a variety of learning formats and delivery channels including conferences, seminars, certificate programs, degree programs, CD-ROM and distance learning products. It provides one-on-one consulting in operations and compliance to address specific issues and problems. And, it provides products and services designed to simplify management and improve organizational effectiveness through employee compensation and performance review programs.

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