Bahamas credit union officials visit Massachusetts League and credit unions

A group of eight credit union executives from the Bahamas traveled to Massachusetts for a four-day educational exchange as part of an ongoing partnership with the Massachusetts Credit Union League and the Bahamas Cooperative Credit Union League.  The trip, which was coordinated by the World Council of Credit Unions, took place from April 21 through April 25.

The ongoing relationship between the Bahamas Cooperative Credit Union League and the Massachusetts Credit Union League has proven to be mutually beneficial, according Rob Kimmett, SVP Marketing for the Massachusetts Credit Union League, “Over the past eight years, we have had seven different educational exchange visits, in Massachusetts and in the Bahamas.  Each one has produced great insight for the credit unions of each country.”  He went on to say, “We are able to help our Bahamian friends with information about product development, strategic best practices, and new communications techniques.  They help us understand the value of our cooperative roots and provide us with a fresh way to look at the business.” 

The group included the following prominent members of the Bahamas credit union community: Leroy Summer, assistant general manager, Teachers and Salaried Workers Credit Union; Charlene Stuart, executive assistant, Teachers and Salaried Workers Credit Union; Bertram Dorsett, financial officer, Public Workers Credit Union; Anita Collie, executive assistant, Bahamas Law Enforcement Credit Union; Pauline Burrows, general manager, Grand Bahama Credit Union; Kimberly Russell, operations supervisor, Grand Bahama Credit Union; Bryan Butler, loans manager,  Bahama Islands Resort Credit Union; and Stephanie Missick-Jones, general manager, Bahamas League.

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