Does social media take a holiday? — CU Insight, Nov. 25

The next seven weeks are often referred to as the “social media vacation.” Lots of us (including myself) will be traveling and shopping and piles of home stuff tend to overwhelm us – we feel like we can’t do it all and therefore, your credit union social media efforts tend to take a break.

Here’s something I want you to keep in mind if you think it’s okay for your social media feeds to take a winter nap – according to the Mobile Marketing Association, “mobile is expected to have an impact on 87 percent of all holiday purchases.” And get this, according to Mr. Youth (via Fast Company), “66 percent of 2012 Black Friday purchases were the result of social media interaction.” And one more thing (from the same source), “80 percent of those who interacted with a brand’s social media channel ended up buying from that brand.” 

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