Vote for Pioneer Valley’s Anabela Pereira in Credit Union Magazine’s CU Hero of the Year competition

Each year CUNA’s Credit Union Magazine presents four exceptional credit union leaders for consideration as the CU Hero of the Year.  These individuals exemplify the credit union philosophy of “people helping people,” and they have gone the extra mile to extend credit union service in their communities.  This year Anabela Pereira, CEO of Pioneer Valley Federal Credit Union, is one of the four individuals being considered.

An article on the site (please click here: The teller who rose to the top) details Anabela’s credit union career, which started when she was a nineteen year old teller at Pioneer Valley Federal Credit Union.  In addition to chronicling her rise through the ranks, the article shares the great work that the credit union is doing to help its members and people in the community achieve financial success, citing the credit union's trademarked, cutting edge “Change the Future™” program.  

The voting for this honor is done online on the Credit Union Magazine site.  When you click this link you will see four names each with a bubble above them.  Anabela is the third individual listed.

Please visit the site and read the story.  Then take another moment to cast your vote for Anabela and encourage your friends to do so as well!