New RESPA Good Faith Estimate Compliance Solution Webinar – May 2

Members Insurance Agency is introducing a new, guaranteed compliant RESPA Good Faith Estimate (GFE) solution and is hosting a webinar on May 2 at 10:00 a.m. (and again at 3:00 p.m.) to explain how it works to credit union lenders.  This tool addresses a pressing need that lenders have identified in the face of new mortgage regulations.  Over the past year, huge sums have been lost because of non-compliance.  Inaccurate escrow fees and settlement were a large part of that problem and Smart Quote ® provides a guaranteed answer.

The second will discuss current and pending Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rules and regulations plus other important topics for mortgage lenders.

  • Closing Attorney Vetting requirements
  • Title Company Vetting requirements
  • New Escrow requirements
  • Compliance Reviews…what’s involved
  • Trust Reviews: Elements required for review prior to closing a loan
  • Condo Documents: Unique requirements relating to condo loan packages
  • Nationwide Closings & Recordings: Close loans anywhere, anytime from your desktop

Please contact Lisa Costello at MemberClose,, or 1-888-746-2476 to learn more about this program or to register.