MA Legislature Concludes Formal 2013-2014 Session Late Last Night

The Massachusetts General Court concluded formal sessions early this morning with both the House of Representatives and Senate completing work at approximately 1:00 a.m.
The current legislative session marked the advancement of a number of bills beneficial to credit unions, including regional branching and legal list investments. Both issues have been key strategic legislative objectives for the League.
Controversial matters and bills requiring roll call votes, such as land takings and veto overrides, together with the adoption of emergency preambles and conference reports, dominated the end of formal sessions.
Proposals that advanced yesterday to enactment included House 4112 relative to the Massachusetts Credit Union Share Insurance Corporation; Senate 1987 relative to clearing titles to foreclosed properties, which was amended to include a 10-year statute of limitations; and House 4377 relative to economic growth. Other key measures that advanced include House 4366 relative to campaign finance disclosure and transparency as well as Senate 858 relative to uniform wage compliance and record keeping. The measure to restrict employers from asking applicants for social media passwords and Governor Deval Patrick's recommendation to ban the use of non-compete agreements in employment contracts did not advance.
The end of formal sessions is also a reminder that Governor Patrick is ending his second four-year term as Governor and that Senate President Therese Murray, Assistant House Minority Leader George Peterson, and Senate Ways and Means Chairman Stephen Brewer are not seeking re-election.
Both chambers will meet for further business next Monday and informal sessions will continue through December. The League will continue its advocacy strategies to finalize key proposals providing new authorities and reducing the regulatory burden to benefit credit unions.

The text and status of legislative proposals can be accessed by clicking this link.