Local credit union people recognized at National Youth Involvement Board conference

The National Youth Involvement Board (NYIB) held its annual meeting and conference on July 29 - August 1, 2013 in San Diego, CA.  Each year financial educators from across the country come together to share ideas, resources, best practices as well as celebrate the successes achieved in the number of training presentations made to America’s youth, as well as the number of students reached.  Anne-Marie Bisson, VP of financial education at Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union in Massachusetts, who has served as NYIB’s Northeast Regional Coordinator for the past two years, was succeeded by Leah Esslinger-Sprowl, high school manager and youth educator at Holy Rosary Credit Union in New Hampshire.  Anne-Marie has been an incredible leader in the area of youth financial education, particularly in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island and we wish Leah the best of luck for her term ahead.   

Speakers at the event included Troy Hall, chief operations officer, South Carolina Federal Credit Union;  Brent Dixon, founder of The Habdash, advisor to The Filene Research Institute, and a director for The Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive; and Brian Nelson Ford, founder and president of 8 Pillars Financial Education Company.  They and others spoke on topics ranging from innovations in technology to encouraging classroom participation to developing an understanding of what financial greatness is.  A highlight was an onsite reality fair to help familiarize credit unions with the logistics of hosting such a fair.  With actual students from the San Diego area, conference attendees could either experience the event from the production perspective or the student’s perspective.

Two awards of note at the Recognition Dinner Ceremony: Massachusetts was announced as being the 8th ranking state in the country for the number of students reached, thanks primarily to efforts of Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union and Hanscom Federal  Credit Union - and it was the first time Massachusetts has ranked in the top ten ever.  Also, Kimberly Beaulieu, financial education specialist, Jeanne D‘Arc Credit Union, ranked 9th for number of students reached by an individual instructor in the country.

In 1972, the National Youth Involvement Board was created to obtain grassroots input from individuals working in credit unions and leagues and to create a national system for the dissemination of information and resources regarding youth participation in the credit union movement. Today, the NYIB continues to contribute to the future of credit unions by serving as a resource of youth marketing materials and ideas for the credit union movement, encouraging excitement and commitment to youth financial literacy,  creating leadership opportunities for the credit union movement, developing strategic alliances that benefit the credit union movement in keeping with the NYIB mission and providing an educational conference that is in keeping with the NYIB mission.