CU Direct/Lending Insight’s webcast: An Introduction to Portfolio Management and Analytics

This webcast series, scheduled for Tuesday, July 16, will provide credit unions with the latest industry thinking and perspectives on the lending marketplace from the credit union community’s leading experts, as well as insight to the latest industry trends and analysis.

This session is designed to help credit union lenders discover vital business intelligence and analytics that will help them successfully manage loan portfolios and grow overall profitability.  The information received during this webcast will:  

  • Help identify challenges that exist in portfolio performance
  • Enable credit unions to develop reports that defend the lending processes
  • Help credit unions define risk factors
  • Shed light on how the importance of collecting and storing meaningful data and creating regular diagnostics that are simple to use and execute on, prevent “paralysis by analysis" 
  • Offer insight to best practices associated with using loan portfolio analytics to manage risk and identify loan opportunities

During the webcast, Lending Insights will also demonstrate how its Lending Performance Management System (LPMS) solution provides credit unions with the level of loan portfolio analytics necessary to achieve a stronger, more successful portfolio.

The session will be led by Michael Cochrum, product director of analytics products, Lending Insights.

Please click this link to register.