Fraud Network

The rapid and continued growth of financial fraud has allowed unscrupulous actors to take advantage of credit unions and their members at all points along the chain to profit from fraudulent traffic. Ultimately, the result only serves to dilute consumer confidence and the health of the industry.
The focus of the Fraud Network is to collaboratively increase communication and information sharing among local credit unions. The Fraud Network will serve as a clearinghouse for timely developments and resource tools, standards, and technologies and will help direct grassroots skill and experience, monitor high-impact local areas, and increase the potential for uncovering financial fraud early and deterring such unlawful activity. The best ideas and solutions usually come from credit union staff in the field observing the marketplace first-hand.
The scope of the Fraud Network will be determined by its members but is expected to tackle such issues as robberies, ATM skimming, checks, lending, mortgages, telemarketing, identity, elders, mobile, internet and cards fraud as they may arise. Ultimately, the Fraud Network will provide an enhanced data exchange link to regulatory and enforcement authorities.
To join the Fraud Network, please contact Charlotte Whatley, VP, Compliance Services. Any CCUA member credit union staff, including security, compliance, and information technology staff, is welcome to join at any time and share comments and suggestions.

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ATM Skimming Prevention

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Tips on Detecting Criminal Gang Financial Activity

Co-Op Best Practices for Combatting Account-Based Fraud - May 2016


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