CU PolicyPro

CU PolicyPro is your one-stop shop for over 300 policies to help your credit union manage today’s ongoing compliance and operational challenges. Credit unions receive access to this valuable resource as part of the dues service package your credit union receives for affiliation with CCUA.





CU PolicyPro contains comprehensive policies and procedures developed and written especially for credit unions by regulatory (legal and financial) experts. CU PolicyPro is also completely customizable to the specific needs of each credit union. Existing credit union policies may easily be imported into the management system. CU PolicyPro uses an overall consistent format for clarity and ease of use, so you can find the information you need when you need it.

Chapters in the manual include:

  • Administrative
  • Operations
  • Accounting
  • Security
  • Asset/Liability Management
  • Investments
  • Lending
  • Other Real Estate Owned
  • Federal Regulations
  • Record Retention
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FACTA)

Because the laws and regulations that govern your credit union are constantly changing, our Update Service is also included with your manual. This service provides you with semi-annual policy updates and with a toll-free product support help line to call when you have questions.

Features and Benefits:

  • Administrative Flexibility: A secure website with administrative access unique for each credit union.
  • Archival, Versioning & Change History: PolicyPro will help you archive changes when new policies are approved.
  • Attach Documents or Files:  Storage space where Board members can view policies waiting to be Board reviewed.
  • Customizable Templates:  Over 200 policy templates with model policy language.
  • Department Grouping:  Policies organized by operational department.
  • Designed for Federal Regulatory Compliance:  Policy templates include standardized federal content.
  • Review, Approval, & Publication:  Create, review, approve, and read all your documents at any computer.
  • Track Changes:  Semi-Annual Updates with easily tracked changes.
  • Web Distribution of Policies & Procedures:  Your staff can now access your policies anywhere they have access to the Internet.
  • Word Compatible Format:  Easy to use Word compatible formatting editor.

To Register for CU PolicyPro:

  • A separate ID/PW is required to access CU PolicyPro. To register for access to the CU PolicyPro manual, click here.

To Login to CU PolicyPro:

Additional Information:

  • For additional information about CU PolicyPro, contact Charlotte Whatley, Vice President, Compliance Services or call 1-800-842-1242.