New Hampshire Legislative Advocacy

The Association is an active advocate for credit unions on both the state and federal level. In order to be successful in that role, it must gather information, construct compelling and coherent arguments, organize support, communicate effectively, and be persistent before Congress and the New Hampshire General Court.

Legislative Proposals

Each year there are numerous legislative filings that are of importance to the credit union community in New Hampshire. Some are filings designed to help credit unions serve their members better, and some are broad based bills that have an effect on all sectors of the financial services industry. The Association closely monitors all of these proposals and, when appropriate, advocates for the credit union position in every forum.

New Hampshire General Court

This link leads to the website for the New Hampshire General Court. There are a variety of useful resources on this site including an overview of the legislative process, text of pending bills, and lists of lawmakers along with contact information.

NH General Court


Legislative committees consider each new piece of legislation that is filed in Concord and make recommendations to the full legislative body as to whether legislation should pass, not pass, or whether further study is needed. A list of legislative committees can be found at:

House Committees 
Senate Committees

2016 Legislative Summary

2016 Legislative Proposals 01/08/2016

NH Delegation Letter to the CFPB on TRID 092415

Guinta CFPB Prepaid Account Letter 092915

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