New Hampshire Advocacy

The Cooperative Credit Union Association is an active and vigorous advocate for New Hampshire Credit Unions. The Association is the voice of the credit union community in Concord, working for legislation that fosters the success of credit unions. Likewise, the Association works with member credit unions to ensure effective communications with the New Hampshire Banking Department, the state's primary credit union regulator.  

The Association’s role is multi-faceted. First it reaches out to credit unions in order to identify and prioritize the legislative and regulatory matters that are of greatest concern to member credit unions. Then Association staff researches how to best represent the interests of credit unions. The next step is making certain that the needs of credit unions and their members are well known and clearly understood by lawmakers and regulators. When it is required, the Association will prepare legislation and propose rules that will enhance the ability of credit unions to serve members and the community. Once the legislation is drafted, the Association will begin working to have it introduced, considered, and enacted.

Defending credit unions from legislative assaults mounted by competitors who seek to use the Legislature in order to gain advantages in the marketplace is an equally important function. This function requires close coordination with member credit unions. The local relationships that credit union executives and directors have established in their own communities are the pathways to a real and meaningful dialogue with them about credit union issues. The opportunity to combine the established credibility of a long time relationship with careful research and industry knowledge yield the results that credit unions have grown to expect.

Working with the NCUA, New Hampshire Banking Department, and the numerous other regulatory bodies that credit unions interact with is an equally important function for the Association. Key activities include: commenting on pending regulatory changes, establishing dialogue with regulators concerning important industry issues and trends, and assisting credit unions in interpreting existing regulations.


New Hampshire Legislative Advocacy

New Hampshire Regulatory Advocacy