Credit union volunteer directors are part of the fabric of credit unions and the communities they serve.  Association President/CEO Paul Gentile recognizes this unique relationship, the value of volunteers, and the wealth of their service.  As a result, the Association is launching the Volunteer Network. 

This new Network will provide a local access point for members of Boards of Directors.  It is intended to reach both veteran directors, as well as those that are new to credit unions, to introduce them to the many benefits of Association membership such as latest advocacy developments and industry resources, and to foster mentoring and networking opportunities. The vision of the new Volunteer Network is to keep its members informed and connected with their credit union peers by providing exclusive access to a director-only platform.

The Network will host regular events with an agenda that will deliver key insights on useful topics. In advance of the meetings, Association President Paul Gentile will solicit input from Network members and others about which topics are important to them. The Network also maintains a member email distribution list that encourages questions to the Association.  All volunteers are welcome to join and actively participate.

To join the Volunteer Network and to receive information about upcoming meetings, please sign up today. Click on the Volunteer Network Enrollment Form.

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