Association - Overview

The Cooperative Credit Union Association is the nation’s newest credit union trade group, but its heritage includes the oldest continually operating trade group in the United States. While proud of its heritage, the Association is focused on meeting the needs of its member credit unions today and into the future. The Association’s purpose is summed up in its tagline—Creating Cooperative Power!


The Cooperative Credit Union Association represents the credit unions in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Delaware. The credit unions of these four states have joined together to ensure that they can, individually and collectively, provide consumers with outstanding financial services.  

The Association is, first and foremost, an advocate for its member credit unions. The most important role it plays is to represent the interests of credit unions before Congress and state legislatures, regulatory bodies and the public. In addition, the Association provides excellent learning opportunities for credit union volunteers and professionals and a steady stream of quality information through its Daily CU Scan and various other channels. The Association also works with a select group of businesses that serve the credit union community through its CU Connect program as well as a number of Credit Union System Partners.  


The first credit unions in the nation were formed in New England and so too were the first credit union trade groups. The three state leagues that came together to form the Cooperative Credit Union Association each had a long and proud history of service.  

One of the Massachusetts Credit Union League predecessor groups, the Credit Union League of Massachusetts, dates back to 1919 and is the first credit union trade group ever formed in the United States. The Credit Union Association of Rhode Island began serving credit unions in 1934, and the New Hampshire Credit Union League began in 1954. In 2014, the credit unions of these three states voted and approved their merger into the Cooperative Credit Union Association (CCUA). In 2016, Delaware credit unions joined the CCUA fold when the Delaware Credit Union League's member credit unions unanimously voted to merge with CCUA.